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Hotel Nastasi

This option is one of the most exclusive "Nastasi for two" promotions.

A great combinations of quality and relax that starts with a great welcome into the hotel and stay in one of our double room deluxe with jacuzzi decorated with rose petals and a unique and romantic atmosphere thans to the soft smell of candles and incense. Besides, you will also have a vary assortment of sweets and chocolates.

You and your couple will also be able to enjoy a 50 minutes session in our thermal circuit and, at night, you will have a romantic dinner under the candlelight with a bottle of cava. In the morning, enjoy a complete breakfast in your own room.

Price: € 199.-

*Le dimanche et le lundi, le menu de fruits de mer n'est pas disponible pour les dîners. Nous vous proposons un dîner à la carte dans notre restaurant TRAM de NASTASI.

* Le montant total du séjour est débité au moment de la confirmation de la réservation.